Film Festival Series

Movies Celebrating Jewish Culture and History

Jewish Film Festival Series

The Levin JCC and Israel Center invite you to bring your family and friends to screen films educating and celebrating Jewish and Israeli community, culture, and history. Each month, our Film Festival Series will feature a new or older movie that highlights the work of Jewish directors, actors, and screenwriters. Selections may include a wide variety of genres, such as documentaries, dramas, and comedies, so you’re sure to find something you’ll enjoy. Some films may not be suited for all ages. We recommend reading the short description below or contacting Lana at 919-354-4967 or for further information. Happy screening!

“The Good Son” on Tues, Sept. 25 at 6pm.

The incredible story of 22-year-old Or, who secretly finances his sex change operation in Thailand by lying to his conservative parents – and then returns home as a woman to face her new life, her family and the price of living her dream. Will she persuade her mother and father to take her back? Will she learn to assume responsibility for her actions?

“Paradise” on Thurs, Oct. 18 at 6pm.

Told in a flashback through docu-style confessionals, three central characters recount their faterful intersection, offering extraordinary introspection. Olga is a Russian aristocrat arrested for sheltering Jewish children. Her case is assigned to French-Nazi collaborating officer Jules, a bourgeois family man wiling to ease her punishment in exchange for sexual favors. Olga eventually ends up in a concentration camp where she rekindles a romance with an old flame, the well-educated Helmut, now a high-ranking German SS officer. Complications ensue when the pair plot their escape, as the tide of war quickly begins to turn against the Nazis. This move is rated “R”.

Wine and cheese will be served.

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