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Weekend lessons start June 20; weekday lessons start June 29.  See the schedule and availability by clicking the register button above.

We offer 30-minute lessons for all ages and abilities! Whether you’re brand new to a pool or interested in learning better technique for your 100m butterfly, prefer one-on-one or feel more comfortable in a group class, the J’s instructors will guide you to your goals. Lessons happen during dedicated times at the pool to limit the numbers of people present, and staff will institute distancing and other precautions.

Private and Semi-Private Lessons

    • Private Swim Lessons are available for those who would benefit from one-on-one instruction. Work on your swim skills in a more personalized setting. Great for young kids getting used to the water, adults learning to swim, or anyone who wants a little more individualized attention. Lessons are 30-minutes. You will be contacted by email to select your lesson times.
      $35/per session for members, $50/per session for guests.
    • Semi-Private Swim Lessons are an option for two students of similar swimming ability. Semi-private lessons have a single instructor. Semi-Private Lessons are not recommended for novice swimmers. This is a great option for siblings or your child and a friend. Note: we are not able to match children for Semi-Private Lessons. Lessons are 30 minutes long. You will be contacted by email to select your lesson times.
      $50/per session for members, $65/per session for guests (for both swimmers).

Group Swim Lessons

Group swim lesson levels correspond with the wrist bands that children wear at our pool. For example, if your child can swim enough to earn a yellow band, that is the class they should be in. All group lessons are 30 minutes long.

    • Parent/Child Lessons: For ages 0-3 with a parent/adult. Focused on getting used to the water in a playful way.
      $35/session for members; $65/session for guests.
    • Red Band Lessons: For beginner swimmers who cannot yet put their face in the water and cannot swim. Each swimmer’s adult will need to be in the water with them and help reinforce the techniques and lessons so that the instructors can maintain distance from the swimmers.
      $40/session for members; $70/session for guests.
    • Yellow Band Lessons: For advanced beginners who can put their face in the water and swim a little. 
      $40/session for members; $70/session for guests.
    • Green Band Lessons: For intermediate swimmers who can swim and want to work on techniques. 
      $40/session for members; $70/session for guests.

More questions? Not sure which class is best for you? Please contact Tirzah Lloyd, Swim Lesson Coordinator, at tlloyd@levinjcc.org.

Swim Lessons Policies:

All swim lessons students and parents/guardians of underage students must adhere to the Aquatics Policies.