Parent Child Swim Lessons

Parent child swim lessons are available during June, July and August.

This is a group water orientation class for parent child. This class includes activities in order to make the children feel more comfortable in the water. Parents will learn how to hold their children and encourage proper movement through the water as they learn basic aquatic skills. Structured lesson for 20-25 minutes and 10 minutes of supervised play.  Children must have complete head control to take this class.

Group swimming lessons for children are organized by:
Group swim lesson levels correspond with the wrist bands that children wear at our pool: If your child can swim enough to earn a Yellow band, that is the class they should be in:
Parent/Child: the adult is in the water with the child at all times
Red Band: beginner swimmer cannot put face in the water, cannot swim
Yellow Band: advanced beginner can put face in the water and can swim a little
Green Band: intermediate swimmer can swim and wants more work on technique and diving

Parent_Child Swim Lessons

Cost: Parent-Child: $35/members, $50/guests for 4 30 minute sessions
Registration now OPEN! Please go to to get started. For more information contact us at

6/10/196/13/19M, T, W, TH9:45am
6/17/196/20/19M, T, W, TH9:45am
6/24/196/27/19M, T, W, TH9:45am
7/8/197/11/19M, T, W, TH9:45am
7/15/197/18/19M, T, W, TH9:45am
7/22/197/25/19M, T, W, TH9:45am
7/29/198/1/19M, T, W, TH9:45am