Swim Team

Register Now for the 2019 season!

To register, please go to levinjcc.org/register/   Keyword: SWIM

General Swim Team Information:

While school is still in session, practices are scheduled for after school hours. Once school is out for the summer, swim team practice shifts to morning hours.

Practices are set up for kids to come every day, but if you can’t make that just make as many as you can.

  1. PARENT VOLUNTEERS and TRAINING: It takes many volunteers to run a swim meet and everyone must pitch in to make them successful! We ask every swimmer to have a parent volunteer at least TWO TIMES in the season. There are a couple of volunteer roles that require training and these volunteers MUST attend a training (even if you attended last year). We recommend the training even if you are not volunteering for the roles that require it.
  2. HOW TO BE ON THE TEAM: All JCC members and non-members are welcome to join the Water Dragons Swim Team. Swimmers ages 4-18 can swim with the team. If your child is having fun and improving in the water, we think they should be on the team! If they are reluctant to participate after the first two weeks, we encourage families to wait until next year so the child does not have a negative experience with the water.
  3. ATTENDING CAMP SHELANU? Water Dragon groups Aleph, Bet, and Gimel are able to have coordinated drop off where staff walk swimmers to camp at the end of practice.