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Welcome to Camp Explore!

Camp Explore, a collaboration between the Levin JCC’s Camp Shelanu and TEACCH, is a week-long camp for teens with disabilities to explore a range of recreational activities. Every day will include an outing to a different location, walking or using public transportation, and going out to lunch together at various types of eating establishments. The curriculum, designed by TEACCH to complement life skills programs focused on vocation, will help teens develop the skills to access and use recreation.








Dates, hours, costs, and location:

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  • Rising 9th-12th graders with a cognitive/social disability such as Autism Spectrum Disorder.
  • Best suited for Occupational Course of Study or Traditional High School track students.
  • Able to function in a 1:3 group ratio.
  • Able to participate safely and abide by our Behavior Agreement.
  • Able to change clothes, eat, and toilet independently.

Program Information:

  • Program goals:
    • To learn about recreation opportunities and build recreation skills through outings like the library, museums, movie theaters, etc.
    • To help teens acquire life skills, such as using public transportation and going to restaurants.
    • To develop social skills by practicing spending time with peers doing age appropriate activities in public
  • Daily activities:
    • Morning:  drop-off, ice breakers, and preparation for outing
    • Mid-day: teens will walk or take the public bus to an activity and then to get lunch. Outings are designed to teach teens how to access free or low-cost recreational activities, as well as expose them to new kinds of recreation. Lunches will help teens learn and practice the steps of ordering, paying, and eating in different kinds of eating establishments, like the differences between ordering at a counter, from a table, or using a buffet.
    • Afternoon: return to camp, debrief, practicing individual and small group recreation like games and cards, and pick up
  •  Staffing:
    • Two lead staff and 1-2 additional support staff for a group of 8-12 teens.
    • Lead staff are carefully recruited from experienced professionals in the field. Support staff may students studying OT, special education, etc.
    • Staff receive training, including CPR and first aid.

Application Information:Camp Shelanu

  • Check back for 202 dates and deadlines.

Contact us:

  • We are happy to talk with you! Contact Director of Engagement Madeline Seltman at or 919-354-4938.

For more information about BRIDGES, the JCC’s initiative for people with special needs, click here.  For more info on Camp Shelanu’s inclusion program for kids ages 5-13, click here.