Summer Day Camp

About Our Summer Day Camp:

Camp Shelanu is based on Jewish values and includes learning about Jewish culture and traditions. However, there is no religious instruction or discussion of theology at camp. We welcome everyone with joy, inclusive of all faiths and backgrounds, and are proud of our diverse community!

Our camp is unlike any other, housed on the Jewish campus in Durham, NC, offering scholarships, a comprehensive Inclusion Program for campers with disabilities, and exceptionally trained staff and counselors. At Camp Shelanu, campers 5 years old and up experience their best summers ever, until the next summer at Shelanu, of course. To learn more about our camp, click here. To check out the summer 2019 schedules and tuition for our Traditional and Specialty Camps, scroll down.


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You can register online or by submitting a paper form. Our Camper Information Form is included in registration this year. Please allow an additional 10-15 minutes to complete questions about your camper when you register online. You can check out the Camper Information Form in advance here.   Click here for our printable Registration Form, which includes a calendar and the Camper Information Form.

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Rising K-5th Grade

Camp NameDescriptionAgesDateCost
Traditional CampOur signature program is a classic indoor-outdoor day camp program. Campers experience a variety of activities including sports, art, music, games, aerial silks, nature, Israeli culture, and more. All are encouraged to try new things, learn new skills, and build lasting friendships. Includes daily free swim and 3 days of swim lessons, tailored to meet everyone at their level.

Rising K-1st: Our warm, nurturing staff guide younger campers through fun-filled days including short daily rest periods after lunch.

Rising 2nd-3rd: Campers try all activities plus electives, the teambuilding challenge course, and the Wet ‘n’ Wild Field Trip during Week 8*!

Rising 4th-5th: Now with more choices!

Rising K-5th GradeWeeks 1-9 (June 10-Aug 9)$260/230 M
Last Blast CampWind down the summer with a more relaxed camp. Squeeze every last drop of fun from the summer with free swim (no lessons), sports, games, art, and even a couple of movies. Daily free swim. These camps are much smaller than our Traditional Camps so early registration is strongly encouraged!Rising K-5th GradeWeeks 10 and 11** (Aug 12-15 and Aug 19-23***)Cost: Full week (both weeks): $260/230 M
**A la carte days (Week 11 only): $60/$50 M

Rising K-1st Grade

Camp NameDescriptionAgesDatesPricesInstructor
Food Lab: Edible Science!Calling all kids for a week of delicious food experiments and cooking! For five fun-filled days, kids will experience a world of hands-on culinary exploration while learning the scientific concepts that change our food. They’ll learn why eggs are eggs-traordinary, the complicated science of bread making, and many other surprising ways science influences food! Along the way, kids will learn how to make great food that will impress their family and friends. Daily free swim. **Please inquire before registration if your camper has food allergies—jlea@levinjcc.orgRising K-1stWeek 1 (June 10-14)$320/280 MGenea Williams
NatureNature campers will spend the day learning about ecology, sustainability, and caring for the environment. Daily free swim.Rising K-1stWeek 2 (June 17-21)$295/265 MSarah Gindes
Fairytale AdventuresExplore the magic of fairy tales in this whimsical camp! We will read classic fairy tales, create fascinating crafts, reenact stories, play games, and explore the enchanted forest of the JCC. Imaginations required! Daily free swim.Rising K-1stWeek 3 (June 24-28)$295/265 MKatie Rebich
LEGO Harry Potter Magical EngineeringExplore the magic of Harry Potter using LEGO®! Find Platform 9 ¾, build Hogwarts Express Train, work cooperatively to construct the mysterious Hogwarts Castle, and soar on the wings of a Norwegian Ridgeback Dragon. Travel to a world of wizardry and hone your magical skills while learning about Muggle (STEM) concepts. Daily free swim.Rising K-1stWeek 3 (June 24-28)$330/290 MPlay Well
Creative CrittersTake a walk on the wild side in this playful camp! Campers will use arts & crafts, performance, movement, stories, songs, and their imaginations to embody animals both real and make-believe. Daily free swim.Rising K-1stWeek 4 (July 1-5)$298/ 268 MAmy Godfrey
Lionheart Kids' Sports and GamesCampers learn skills that are needed to succeed on and off the field in this camp that mixes sports instruction with fun games, leadership training, nutritional education, and more! Learn how to be a good sport through exercise and play! Daily free swim.Rising K-1stWeeks 5 and 9 (July 15-19 and Aug 5-9)$320/280 MLionheart Fitness Kids
Art of NatureThis week we will discover artists who create in a variety of natural environments and discover how to create pigments from nature! Campers will have the opportunity to create their own sculptures, paintings, and a temporary art installation on site at the J. Daily free swim.Rising K-1stWeek 6 (July 15-19)$295/265 MChristine Holton
Clap Into KindergartenDo you have a rising kindergarten student? This fun week of kindergarten skills is designed to prepare your child for the fall. We will work on language skills like writing your child's name, math skills including fluency within the numbers 0-10, and social-emotional concepts through multi-sensory activities that will have your child excited to start his/her year. Daily free swim.Rising KWeek 7 (July 22-26)$320/280 MEmily Hayes
Lego Batman Gotham GadgetsTake on Gotham's villains by designing and building Batman's favorite crime-fighting machines! Build the Bat Tumbler, craft a Batwing, and design your very own Batcave, all out of LEGO® materials. Then use your projects to help save the city. Be the super-hero or super-heroine Gotham needs while learning how the world works through STEM concepts! Daily free swim.Rising K-1stWeek 7 (July 22-26)$330/290 MPlay Well
Junior ImagineeringDo you like to problem solve? Campers will spend the week learning to create design, engineer, and create out of everyday materials! Each day, your camper will bring home a unique creation. The campers will be introduced to basic math and language arts skills to work together to solve everyday problems like keeping a door open, saving energy, and moving heavy objects. Daily free swim.Rising K-1stWeek 8 (July 29-Aug 2)$320/280 MEmily Hayes

2nd-5th Grade

Camp NameDescriptionAgesDateCostInstructor
Circus Games and Ground SkillsRun away with the circus but keep your feet on the ground! This circus camp focuses on ground acts only. Campers will have the opportunity to hone their juggling, play games that make us laugh, develop advanced hula hoop tricks, invent a new jump rope skill, balance a unique prop, and so much more! This camp is perfect for those who want to try new things, create fresh takes on old skills, and get to know others through games and activities. Daily free swim.2nd-5th GradeWeek 1 (June 10-14)$295/265 MKatie Rebich
Lionheart Leadership All Sports Campers learn skills that are needed to succeed on and off the field through sports instruction, leadership training, nutritional education, and more! Valuable life lessons are gained through exercise, teamwork and play! Daily free swim.2nd-5th GradeWeek 2 (June 17-21)$320/280 MLionheart Fitness Kids
Master ImagineeringDo you like to problem solve? Join Lerner School’s teacher Genea for one week to create design, engineer, and create out of everyday materials! Each day, your camper will bring home a unique creation. The campers will work together, using math and language arts skills, to create a lasting project! Daily free swim.2nd-5th GradeWeek 2 (June 17-21)$320/280 MGenea Williams
LEGO Harry Potter Master EngineeringMaster the magic of Harry Potter using LEGO®! Build Diagon Alley in preparation for your trip to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Hop on your Broomstick and play Quidditch, duel the evil Lord Voldemort, and hone your magical skills while learning about advanced Muggle (STEM) concepts. Daily free swim.2nd-5th GradeWeek 3 (June 24-28)$330/290 MPlay Well
Comic Book CampDo you love comics? Campers will make comics from start to finish, learning the basics of how to tell their own stories using sequential pictures and words. We will work together to make a mini-comic anthology featuring the comics of all of the participants. Daily free swim.2nd-5th GradeWeek 3 (June 24-28)$295/265 MAmy Godfrey
Little Veterinarians: Feline CareAdopt a stuffed cat and learn how to do a complete head to tail exam, how to greet feline patients and read cat body language, and how to create less stress in the home environment. A stress-free cat is a healthy cat! Daily free swim.2nd-5th GradeWeek 4 (July 1-5)$330/290 MLittle Medical School
Who’s Improv Camp Is It Anyway? Let your creativity run wild! Campers will spend a week playing hilarious improv comedy games, all while building confidence and learning to work as a team. The week culminates in an interactive show for friends and family. Daily free swim.2nd-5th GradeWeek 4 (July 1-5)$320/280 MJack Reitz
Art in Action! Dive into the world of Action Painting! Explore exciting techniques like spin and athletic art as we learn to create using unique tools and lots of motion. Campers will enjoy the opportunity to work on large scale pieces indoors and outside, using a variety of materials, and culminating with a group installation at the end of the week! Daily free swim.2nd-5th GradeWeek 5 (July 8-12)$295/265 MChristine Holton
Glorious Games! In this camp we will play group games that foster team building, socioemotional development, imagination, and community. Campers will have opportunities to develop their own game, teach other fellow campers, and help add to the traditional games of Camp Shelanu! We will play with different variations and have a lot of fun! Daily free swim.2nd-5th GradeWeek 5 (July 8-12)$295/265 MKatie Rebich
Little Medical School: Wilderness Medicine!In this fun camp, kids will learn about how to manage snake bites, apply a splint, use a tourniquet, and clean water to drink! Your camper will be prepared for anything next time you go camping, hiking, or just playing in the woods. Daily free swim.2nd-5th GradeWeek 6 (July 15-19)$330/290 MLittle Medical School
Mitzvah MadnessHelp those in need. Make a difference. Apply ‘tikkun olam’ to our local community by creating a service project everyone can play a part in! Field trip included. Daily free swim.2nd-5th GradeWeek 6 (July 15-19)$295/265 MSarah Gindes
LEGO Batman Master MechanicsDefeat Gotham's villains by designing and building Batman's most advanced crime-fighting machines! Infiltrate Arkham Asylum, build a Bat Cycle, and fly your Batcopter. Then use your projects to thwart the Joker's plans to take over the city. Be the super-hero or super-heroine Gotham needs while engineering solutions through the use of STEM concepts! Daily free swim.2nd-5th GradeWeek 7 (July 22-26)$330/290 MPlay Well
Wacky Art PioneersIn this camp we will learn about pioneering artists who made weird and groundbreaking works, paving the way for today’s artistic innovators. Campers will conceptualize and create art using their own “brand new ideas”—maybe even discovering new forms! We will work with a variety of media including metal “loose parts”, fabric, and recyclables. Daily free swim.2nd-5th GradeWeek 7 (July 22-26)$295/265 MChristine Holton
Shipwreck Island!This camp puts children on a “deserted island” on which they must work together to devise a means for collecting food and water, build shelters, bridges, and learn about the science behind survival fun! They use the tools at hand to write messages to send in a bottle and witness a volcanic eruption. The children eventually design a means to escape the island and come home. Daily free swim.2nd-5th GradeWeek 8 (July 29-Aug 2)$330/290 MMad Science
Nature AdventurerIn addition to learning about the environment, campers will develop survival skills like outdoor cooking, putting up tents, identifying edible and poisonous plants and animals, and orienteering. This camp includes a field trip. Daily free swim.2nd-5th GradeWeek 8 (July 29-Aug 2)$295/265 MSarah Gindes
Art in 3D – World WondersDiscover the 7 wonders of the world as we make art inspired by international cultures such as those of India, China, and Mexico! Campers will experiment with Fiber Art, Sumi-e ink painting, and more as we take a trip around the globe as artistic explorers! Daily free swim.2nd-5th GradeWeek 9 (August 5-9)$295/265 MChristine Holton

Older Campers

Camp NameDescriptionAgesDateCost
Camp SabraAlong with delving deeper into activities like swimming, diving, nature, arts, cooking, and sports, these campers do advanced electives, community service projects, partner with younger campers, and help to lead all-camp activities. A field trip is included each week, dates TBD. Daily free swim.Rising 6th-8th GradeWeeks 2-7, (June 17-July 26)$320/290 M
Leaders in TrainingRising 8th-10th graders learn 21st Century skills including communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creative problem-solving, empowering them to become leaders in classrooms, youth groups, and the workplace. Provides training to become a CIT at Camp Shelanu! This is a 2-week program.Rising 8th-10th GradeWeeks 8-9 (July 29-Aug 9)$515/$465 M
Counselors in TrainingRising 9th and 10th graders employ 21st C. skills to serve as responsible team-members and leaders at Camp Shelanu and beyond! Excellent “pre-job” experience for any teen!Rising 9th-10th GradeWeeks 1-9 (June 10-Aug 9)$50/$40 M (one time fee)