Mitzvah Day 2017: Merry Mitzvah Everyone!

Mitzvah Day 2017 was a wonderful day of service for our community to make a difference in the Durham and Chapel Hill communities, with contributions including: 31 trees planted with the Durham Office of Sustainability 145 dog toys made for APS 3600 diapers sorted and packaged for the NC Diaper Bank 6 bags of trash, Read on! →

Volunteering with Jewish Family Services

The Jewish Family Services (JFS) Volunteer corps has been growing by leaps and bounds this past year! Here are a few comparative statistics: In 2015 there were 840 volunteer hours. In 2016 there were 1,542.25 volunteer hours. That is an increase of 83.5% From July 2014-June 2015 we had 137 Volunteers. In July 2015-June 2016 we Read on! →

Wait, there’s a “cheesecake holiday”?

Did you know that people (jokingly) call the holiday of Shavuot “the cheesecake holiday”? Shavuot comes in the spring, this year from sundown May 30 to sundown June 1. It has both agricultural significance as the first fruit harvest and historical significance celebrating receiving the Torah at Mount Sinai, after 40 years wandering the desert Read on! →

Yom HaZikaron and Yom HaAtzmaut. What’s that about?

In the US, we celebrate Memorial Day with sales and barbeques, but Israeli Memorial Day, or Yom HaZikaron, is very different! This year, it will begin at sundown on Sunday, April 30th with a siren at 8pm (in Israel), during which the Israelis stop absolutely all activity, including driving, working on construction, etc. Yom HaZikaron Read on! →

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month! 3 things to know and 3 ways YOU can help

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month! Did you know that 1 in 10 children will experience child sexual abuse before his or her 18th birthday? Here are some ways the JCC works to protect children… Camp and childcare staff get training on child sexual abuse awareness and response There are organization-wide policies for conduct with Read on! →