Winter/Spring 2019 Class Schedule

You and your children will love participating in our wide variety of enriching classes! Students explore their athletic side in one of our many fitness classes or unlock their creativity in one of our fun art classes.


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Class Descriptions, Instructors and Costs 


Session Dates:

K-5th Winter 10-week session: Mon Jan 14-Fri Mar 22.
Preschool Winter 5-week sessions 1 & 2: Jan 14-Feb 15 & Feb 18-Mar 22

Preschool Session 3/K-5th Spring 5-week mini-session: Mon Apr 1– Fri May 10
No class:  Spring break Mar 25-29 and Passover Apr 22-26.  Make ups May 13-17

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Downloadable Winter/Spring Schedule and Descriptions

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(infant-preschool with adult)


Tunes & Tots
PJ Library Playtime 10-10:45amStory Time & Tot Shabbat

5-week sessions

PreK-K Series
(4-6 years)
Mini Mensches
Messy Art
Megan P

Soccer Shots
2-3 years:
3-5 years:
Lionheart Sports
2-3 years:
3-5 years:
Wee Flips Tumbling
(3-4 years)

Move & Groove Dance
(3-5 years)

10-week winter session, 5-week spring session

Beginner Aerial
(6-8 years)
Soccer Shots Premier + Empower
(5-8 years)
Lionheart Sports
(5-8 years)

(6-12 years)
FREE drop in for JCC members

Mighty Rollers Tumbling
(5-8 years)

(5-10 years)

(5-10 years)

(5-10 years)

10-week winter session, 5-week spring session

Intermediate Aerial
(8-13 years)
Beginner Aerial
(8-13 years)
Partner Acro
(8-13 years)

10-week winter session, 5-week spring session

Adult Beginner Aerial
(14 years and up)
Adult Intermediate Aerial
(14 years and up)
Teen/Adult Jujitsu
(13 years and up)
Drop in
Aerial Conditioning
(14 years and up)
Teen/Adult Jujitsu 6:00 to 7:15pm
(13 years and up)
Drop in

Class Descriptions, Instructors, and Costs:

Adult aerial – click here!

Aerial – Beginner: Students learn to “fly” on fabric drapes, learning technique and building strength. Students work close to the ground in a safe, supportive environment. This is the right class for brand new students or those who have done aerial silks at camp or a birthday party but have never taken a session-based class.
Instructor: Tues 8-13 year olds: Faith, Mon 6-8 year olds: Jill
Cost:  10-week winter session $135/members, $165/guests.  5-week spring session $70/members, $85/guests

Aerial – Intermediate: Build skills, technique, and strength for more advanced moves.  For this class, you should know basic sling skills (straddle, gazelle, star, seat), be comfortable executing 3 basic footlock skills, be able to tuck, pike and arrow in wrist wraps with relative control, basic climbs, foot lock in the air, and cross back straddle, alone or assisted. This class will introduce a new climb, footlocks in the air, and skills from footlock on each foot.
Instructor: Jill
Cost:  10-week winter session: $165/members, $200/guests.  5-week spring session $80/members, $100/guests

Jujitsu: Jujitsu is the ancient Japanese art of self-defense. The techniques taught in the class include escapes, encounters, throws, and holds. The focus of the class is self-defense, physical exercise, and perfection of technique. Our youth classes always incorporate fun, through games and exercises, during each class to foster a safe, fun but disciplined environment.  Advanced Jujitsu – must be 8 or older AND have permission from the instructor.
Instructors: Joshua and Dana
Cost:  10-week winter session: $120/members, $144/guests.  5-week spring session $60/members, $75/guests

Karate: Originating in Okinawa, Karate is a martial art that uses body evasion, blocks, punches, and kicks for defense. Usually translated as the ‘Way of the Empty Hand, ‘Karate is primarily focused on self-defense, exercise, and perfection of character. Our youth classes always incorporate fun, through games and exercises, during each class to foster a safe, fun but disciplined environment.
Instructors: Joshua
Cost:  10-week winter session: $120/members, $144/guests.  5-week spring session $60/members, $75/guests

Kids Yoga: This class will cover yoga basics including common poses, body and breathe awareness as well as cooperative games and art projects to build a sense of community and joy. Kids yoga builds strength, concentration, balance, compassion and awareness.  Expect challenge, relaxation, and fun!  Appropriate for Pre-K and kindergartners.
Instructor: Julia
Cost: 5-week session (session 2 only): $50/members, $60/guests

Lionheart Sports: Bring out the best in kids in a fun, non-competitive environment. Each class teaches the fundamentals of the sport and develops on strength, fine and gross motor skills, coordination, balance,  social skills, teamwork, and sportsmanship.  5 weeks each Basketball, Hockey, Baseball
Instructor: Lionheart coaches
Cost: K-5th 10-week spring $150/members, $180/guests.  K-5th spring session and preschool 5-week sessions, 5-week session $75/members, $90/guests.

Messy Art: Go crazy with all kinds of arts and crafts that are too messy for at home with wacky projects that ooze, drip, foam, and splatter! Appropriate for Pre-K and kindergartners.
Instructor: Megan P
Cost: 5-week session (session 3 only): $50/members, $60/guests

Mini Mensches: Learn about a different Jewish value each week through stories, play, and fun service projects such as making gifts for isolated older adults, assembling kindness kids for people experiencing homelessness, or making toys for animals in shelters.
Instructor: Jillian
Cost: 5-week session (session 1 only): $60/members, $72/guests

Move & Groove Dance: Build rhythm, focus, strength, and a love of movement in this fun, high energy dance class.
Instructor: Megan P
Cost: 5-week session (session 1, 2, and 3) $60/members, $72/guests

Partner Acro: Tumble, flip, cartwheel and roll into this fun, energetic class! Learn new acro tricks on the ground and with a partner. We’ll also explore basic group pyramids. No experience or partner is required. Please wear form-fitting clothes and hair pulled back.
Instructor: Jill
Cost: 10-week winter session $135/members, $165/guests. 5-week spring session $70/members, $85/guests.

Soccer Shots Mini: Soccer Shots Mini is a high-energy program introducing children to fundamental soccer principles, such as using your feet, dribbling and the basic rules of the game. Through fun games, songs and positive reinforcement, children will begin to experience the joy of playing soccer and being active.
Instructors: Soccer Shots staff
Cost: 15-week winter-spring session $225/members, $245/guests.  15 weeks, Jan 15-May 21, no class Feb 27, Mar 6, Mar 27, & Apr 24

Soccer Shots Classic: Soccer Shots Classic utilizes creative and imaginative games to focus on basic soccer skills like dribbling, passing and shooting. We also highlight a positive character trait each session such as respect, teamwork and appreciation.
Instructors: Soccer Shots staff
Cost: 15-week winter-spring session $225/members, $245/guests.  15 weeks, Jan 15-May 21, no class Feb 27, Mar 6, Mar 27, & Apr 24

Soccer Shots Premier + Empower : Soccer Shots Premier focuses on individual skill, fitness and sportsmanship, providing an opportunity for children to be challenged through fun games and team interaction. Children will also be introduced to competition in a developmentally appropriate manner.
Instructors: Soccer Shots staff
Cost: 15-week winter-spring session $225/members, $245/guests.  15 weeks, Jan 15-May 21, no class Feb 27, Mar 6, Mar 27, & Apr 24
Accessibility and Inclusion:  This is an adaptive class for kids with and without disabilities together.  The soccer program is designed with extra support for kids with a physical,  developmental, or social/emotional disability. Appropriate for kids ages 5-9 who (1) can be safe with self and others, (2) have a desire to play soccer in a group, (3) are mainstreamed in school OR can bring a support person.   Supports will include (1) a coach and an inclusion support person for 8-10 participants, (2) and intake process to make staff aware of your child’s needs,  (3) schedules and written expectations available ahead of time, (4) sensory support (please note, the gym space can be quite loud and difficult for those who are sound sensitive), (5) less waiting and simplified directions, and (6) other requested accommodations to the extent we are able.  If you’re not sure if your child is a good fit or have other questions, contact Madeline at or 919-354-4938.

Tumbling – Wee Flips: Whether it’s rolling like a pencil or a ball, your child will gain new awareness of their body and learn to move in new ways. The class is designed for children who are independent enough to be without a grown up during the class.
Instructor: Michelle
Cost: 5-week sessions (session 1, 2, and 3): $50/members, $60/guests

Tumbling – Mighty Rollers: Roll, twist, jump and flip. This is a great class to allow your child the ability to explore moving their body in a safe fun environment. Skills include somersaults, bar, balance beam, and more.
Instructor: Michelle
Cost: 10-week winter session $100 members/$120 guests. 5-week spring session $50/members, $60/guests.

To register call (919) 354-4936 or click here to register online!


The Levin JCC is committed to inclusion and accessibility.  Soccer Shots: Empower is a specially designed for children with disabilities (see above for details!).  For questions about what might be a good fit for your child, or to request accommodations, contact Madeline at or 919-354-4938.

For any classes, we can offer

  • Coordination with instructors about your child’s needs
  • Information in advance about schedules, expectations, etc
  • Supports such as sensory tools, one-step directions, time warnings
  • Flexibility in enrollment and refunds
  • Unfortunately, at this point we are not able to offer staff or volunteer one-on-ones.