Classes & Workshops

Beginner Hebrew for Adults

Did you forget what you learned in Hebrew school or just want to learn a brand new language from scratch? Join us on Sundays from 11am-12pm in our Adult Hebrew for Adults class. The textbook is included.

Class dates include September 9th, September 16th, October 7th, October 14th, October 21st

Cooking Classes

Come join us at our hands-on cooking classes in the J-Café kitchen. We gather at the end of each session to enjoy a meal of the foods prepared in class.

Let’s Make ChallahWith John and Michelle Gray. On Tues, Oct. 9 and Tues, Nov. 13.

The Great Challah Bake 2018: Thurs, Oct. 25. More information to come!












Art Workshops

Want to learn to paint landscapes, make jewelry from hand, or create a collage? Join us for these exciting workshops. Appropriate for adult beginners as well as those with some experience.

Jewish Symbolism: Create multi-media art which centers around the important symbol of Judaism, such as a hamsa, Star of David, or Hebrew letters. Learn about Zentangle and incorporate brilliant pattern and color! We will also look at cubist art by Jewish artist Sonia Delaunay.

Landscape Painting: Create your own landscape composition on canvas while learning how to mix color, create texture, and other pro painting tricks to show depth and find your unique style!

Pointillism Floral Art: Learn how to paint flowers with the pointillism technique! We will look at the works of Jewish artist Camille Pissarro and then create a piece using small, short brushstrokes and dots to form an impressionist piece showing texture and light.