Massage Therapy

You deserve it!

Enjoy the relaxing touch of massage therapy. We offer a variety of techniques from which to choose including deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, and sports maintenance to provide you with the therapeutic benefits you deserve. For more information, contact Pamela Taylor, Director of Healthy Living at or 919-354-4940.

Provided by North Carolina Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapists.

Levin JCC Massage Therapy

Meet our Massage Therapists:

Rebecca Grossfeld

Michael Joseph Savino

Pam Donnelly

Massages are by appointment only. Please fill out the form at the bottom of the page if you would like to schedule an appointment.

Member PricingNon-Member Pricing
30 minute chair massage: $3230 minute chair massage: $42
30 minute massage: $4030 minute massage: $50
60 minute massage: $7060 minute massage: $80
90 minute massage: $10390 minute massage: $113
3 sessions (60 minutes): $2013 sessions (60 minutes): $231
6 sessions (60 minutes): $3726 sessions (60 minutes): $432
3 sessions (90 minutes): $2803 sessions (90): $310
6 sessions (90 minutes): $5256 sessions (90 minutes): $585

Gift certificates for massage therapy and personal training are available for purchase by calling the Welcome Center at 919-354-4936.

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