Guest Policy

JCC Guest Philosophy
The JCC welcomes member’s guests to the facility. We recognize that sharing the JCC experience with occasional guests and friends is important to our membership.  Our goal is to balance this need while encouraging repeat visitors to join and reducing congestion at the pool and fitness center.  Drop-in classes and programs such as pick-up basketball and Zumba are not covered by this policy.

Prospective members
After taking a tour of the JCC, prospective members will receive a one-time complimentary Day Pass to try out the facilities.

All other guests
All guests need to be accompanied by a member when using the facility. Each year-round membership unit receives 3 FREE guest passes a year and each summer membership unit receives 1 FREE guest pass a year, after which they can purchase additional guest passes for $10/adult and $5/child age 12 and under.  The following limits apply:

Out-of-town guests
There is no limit to the number of visits/year, but we ask the members limit the number of guests per visit to 6.

In-town guests
Children age 12 and under may visit up to 12 times/year
Adults may visit up to 3 times/year
Members are limited to bringing 6 guests/visit.

Please call the Membership Director at or 919-354-4950 with any questions or to discuss if your number of guests exceeds this policy.

Updated May 2015