Healthy Living Staff

Pam Taylor has been in the health and fitness industry over 20 years. She has a passion to help others lead a healthy lifestyle. When working one on one with clients, she focuses her energy on improving the quality of life through teaching/coaching small group sessions, group fitness classes and chair exercise classes.

Josh Turnpaugh provides the unique experience and vision to implement challenging yet appropriate exercises for a wide variety of clients. The motivation and energy he provides in a workout will align with his and your goals as you push forward together to create an improved “YOU”!

Sam Semerzier‘s philosophy toward fitness isn’t to make one better than others, but to build a better you! A variety of folks in the prosthetic, figure competitors, geriatric, orthopedic patients, athletes and people with autism can boldly attest of his humble yet effective work. His knowledge stretched in the spectrum of biomechanics, nutrition, strength and conditioning, fitness assessment, wellness that makes him, as some would say a “resourceful servant”.

Sue Wartell  has been in the health, sports, and fitness industry for over 45 years.  She currently teaches and trains in a variety of studios and health facilities including a dance/exercise class for OLLI (Osher Lifelong Learning Institute). She is particularly interested in improving client’s functional fitness to create for them a better quality of life.

Rebecca Grossfeld combines Massage Therapy, Personal Training and Exercise Class Instruction to bring forth overall health and wellness. Her background in dance and 12+ years working at Structure House enabled her to empower many students and clients to overcome their fear of exercise and negative body image. Helping individuals develop courage, confidence, and an understanding of their movement potential thrills her!

Rena Springer is a group exercise instructor in Pilates, barre, and strength and as a Pilates trainer for mat, and on the cadillac, reformer, chair, and barrel. She has experience working with clients of all ages and knows how to bring safety, challenge, variety, and fun to her workouts. As a trainer, she is skilled in listening to your specific issues and designing a program that can help you achieve your personal exercise goals safely and effectively.


Rebecca Grossfeld combines Massage Therapy, Personal Training, and Exercise Class Instruction to bring forth overall health and wellness. She integrates Myofascial, Swedish, Sports, and Deep tissue to create a gentle, but firm massage stroke to help your muscles relax on their own volition. She nurtures, relaxes, and releases muscle constriction.

Pam Donnelly has been a body worker for over 20 years.  Her own experiences of headaches, neck, and shoulder issues give her a realistic reference toward her clients. Her massage sessions are geared toward problem solving and the resolution of your pain and discomfort. For a more complete bodywork experience, Pam has, for 15 years, been providing the 10 session series of Structural Integration.

Jamie Rincker works with families and individuals using evidence-based, personalized nutrition therapy with one-on-one nutrition counseling to fit your lifestyle. She specializes in weight management, senior health, gastro-intestinal disease management, sports, and family nutrition. Jamie’s work is grounded in the concept of developing confident eaters.