Inclusion & Accessibility

The Levin JCC was founded with inclusion as a core value. From our zero-entry-level pool and our BRIDGES Initiative to our inclusion program for children with disabilities at Camp Shelanu, we strive every day and in every way to fully include people of all abilities. We are excited to announce that we are expanding our inclusion efforts with highly trained staff for summer camp, training for all Federation staff, and new programs designed with accessibility in mind.

What sets the Levin JCC apart is our fierce commitment to inclusion of all kinds. It’s baked in, not bolted on. We strive every day–and in every way–to fully include people of all abilities and identities.

It starts with our beliefs:

You belong here. Because everyone–regardless abilities, gender, sexuality, identity, background, religious affiliation, race, or anything else that makes you you–belongs here. Inclusion permeates our core values. It’s why we have a zero-entry pool, the Inclusion Program for campers with disabilities, inclusive policies for children when at overnight programs, and our devoted LGBTQIA+ Inclusion and Accessibility Initiatives.

It shows in all our actions:

Inclusion is infused into everything we do. Our staff, counselors, and support team all undergo disability and LGBTQIA+ inclusion training. If a child with autism gets nervous in crowds, we revamp field trip plans–from a hectic museum to a quieter wildlife center. If a camper with Type 1 Diabetes exhibits hypoglycemic symptoms, we respond immediately–with juice and extra vigilance. If anyone expresses a different gender identity–we care about ways to show our support, including using preferred pronouns. We’re proud of our many All-Gender bathrooms for folks and their families to feel safe and comfortable.

In the Chai Lights emails we send out each Monday, you can see green flags by certain program titles. This symbol indicates that the program or service has built-in support to create enjoyable, successful experiences for those with disabilities.  Not on our mailing list? Email Christine Seed, Communications Manager, at to be added.

Over the last few years at the Levin JCC, we’ve added programs and policies that better represent and include our LGBTQIA+ members, staff, and guests. This year, when the JCC association offered a year-long program with Keshet, a national organization that works on ensuring full LGBTQIA+ inclusion in our Jewish lives, we jumped at the opportunity. Through this partnership, we will make the J an even better place for LGBTQIA+ individuals and their allies.

The Leadership Project is designed to impact the programming, policies, and organizational culture of Jewish institutions by supporting the leaders of those organizations to make sustainable change.

Our inclusion supports include:

  • Physically accessible spaces throughout the building
  • Inclusive Membership Policies
  • Inclusion Program for campers with disabilities
  • Extensive inclusion training for staff and counselors
  • Programs designed with accessibility and inclusion in mind
  • Updated inclusion policies for our staff, members, campers, youth overnight programs, and more.

For more information, to request accommodations, or to give input or feedback to our Inclusion Advisory Council, contact
Madeline Seltman, Director of Engagement, or 919-354-4938.

Financial Accessibility

We strive to make our programs and services financially accessible.  To learn more about Camp Scholarships, please contact For Membership Financial Aid, please contact

Visit our calendar for upcoming inclusive events.

Want to support the BRIDGES Inclusion Initiative? Click here and be sure to choose BRIDGES in the drop-down menu.

Looking for LGBTQIA+ resources and support?

LGBTQ Center of Durham

LGTBTQ Center of Durham Community Resources

LGBT Center of Raleigh

LGBT Center of Raleigh Transgender Initiative

PFLAG Triangle (PFLAG supports families, educates the public, and advocates for equality)

The Indy: A Guide to Gay and Lesbian Resources in the Triangle

SafeSchools NC Resources (Disability and LGBTQIA+)

Keshet Resource Library

Have questions about Inclusion with our Adult Programming? Contact Lana Dennis, Adults, Arts, Ideas, & Israel Center Program Manager, at

For questions about our youth and camp engagement, please contact Madeline Seltman, at

Inclusion in kids’ and adults’ programming

For most classes and programs, we can offer

  • Coordination with instructors about you/your child’s needs
  • Information in advance about schedules, expectations, etc
  • Supports such as sensory tools, one-step directions, time warnings
  • Flexibility in enrollment and refunds

For certain classes and programs, we can offer additional supports, depending on the program, such as

  • Registration support and reminders
  • Waived program fees
  • A quiet space for large events
  • Staff or volunteer buddies

Inclusion at Camp Shelanu

Camp Shelanu’s Inclusion Program is a signature inclusion program at the Levin JCC.  Click here for more information.


Have questions about inclusion within our Adult Programming? Contact Lana Dennis, our Adults, Arts, Ideas, & Israel Center Program Manager, at

For questions about inclusion in our youth and camp engagement, please contact Madeline Seltman, Director of Engagement, at

We also offer case management services and counseling through Jewish Family Services. Learn more about available services here or by contacting Jenny Schwartz, Director of Helping & Jewish Family Services, at