Policies & Procedures

The Levin Jewish Community Center is open to the entire community. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, origin, age, veteran status, disability, family structure, or sexual orientation. We are committed to providing an environment where all are welcome.

Membership Terms and Payment Information

  • All memberships, except Summer Memberships and Community Memberships, are month-to-month memberships, beginning on the date of enrollment. Membership dues are deducted on the 15th of each month for that calendar month.
  • Payment may be made monthly with bank drafts or credit card debits. Payment may also be made annually by check or credit card.
  • A one-time joining fee applies to new all-inclusive memberships.
  • We are not able to send monthly bills for membership dues; nor do we accept monthly checks.
  • Memberships are non-transferable and refunds are not issued for non-usage of the facilities.
  • Memberships may be cancelled in cases of conduct determined to be contrary to the interest or purpose of the JCC.
  • Membership dues are subject to change at any time.
  • Free Childcare while at the JCC is available only to members who have purchased a Family or Adult + Dependent Membership.
  • A Family Membership includes the parents and children from one nuclear family. All Family members on a family membership must live in the same household. Children who are still completely financially dependent on their parents can be included in the family membership if they are under the age of 26 and live in the family household or are attending college. The children listed on a family membership must be the children of the parents listed on the family membership.

Membership Renewal

For convenience, memberships will be renewed automatically each year.

Membership Cancellation Policy

We have no annual obligation for membership, however written cancellation is required with a 30-day notice. Please be advised that we do not prorate monthly membership dues for cancellations. Members who cancel and rejoin within 3 months of cancelling will not be charged a joining fee. Outside of the initial 3 months a joining fee applies.

Membership Extended Absence

If a member needs to go on an extended absence from the JCC but does not wish to cancel their membership, their membership may be put on hold for a minimum of 1 month and a maximum of 4 months. Please communicate your hold request via email with the Membership Sales Manager, 30 days in advance if possible. All membership hold requests are reviewed and approved or denied by the Membership Sales Manager.

Program Registration Fees

All registration fees for programs, classes, camp, and events must be paid in full prior-to, or at, attendance.

Membership Key Tags

  • Key tags (with barcoded membership information) are issued to all members. Please present your key tag when entering the JCC facilities, registering for programs, or purchasing guest passes.
  • For nonmember program participants, registration receipts must be presented in order to gain access to JCC facilities. Key tags and registration receipts will be checked by our Welcome Center staff.
  • Should you forget your key tag, you will be asked to show another photo ID to enter the facility.

Locker Room Guidelines

  • Please lock all personal belongings. Lockers with removable keys are provided for daytime use. Do not leave items in the lockers overnight. The Levin JCC will not be liable for the loss of personal effects and valuables of our members and guests.
  • Lock boxes are available in the Fitness Center for valuables.
  • Food and drink are prohibited in locker rooms.
  • Children over the age of 5 are not allowed into opposite sex locker rooms. Family changing rooms are available inside, and large restrooms are available on the pool deck.

Fitness Center Age Requirement

  • Youth 16 and over are welcome to use the fitness facility.
  • Youth 13-15 years of age must successfully complete a youth fitness center orientation offered by the JCC Fitness Staff, and are allowed to use the facilities during designated times under parental supervision.

Group Exercise Participation Age Requirement

  • Youth 16 and over are welcome to participate in group exercise classes.
  • Youth 13-15 are able to participate in select classes; if a class utilizes weights as a part of the routine, youth must first complete a complimentary training orientation on proper and safe lifting techniques. Youth must be accompanied by parent or guardian during these classes. Any group exercise class designed for youth specifically are excluded from these requirements.
  • Neither infants nor toddlers are allowed in any group exercise class while class is in session.

Unaccompanied Youth Policy

Member children ages 13 and older are permitted to be unaccompanied in the JCC facilities (including the pool area) without parental or adult supervision. Member children ages 10-12 do not need to be accompanied in the JCC facilities (with the exception of the Fitness Center) as long as a responsible parent/guardian is on the JCC premises.

Unaccompanied youth are expected to display appropriate behavior: consideration of others, respect for the facility, and utilization of appropriate language, at all times. If a child, 10 years of age or older, is not behaving in a respectful manner (as deemed by the JCC staff), a JCC staff member will contact his/her parent or guardian, asking them to promptly collect their child. Some examples of unacceptable behaviors include: destruction of property, excessive running through the halls, failure to follow JCC staff directives, rowdiness, and use of foul language. If a child is sent home, JCC privileges may be suspended until a meeting is convened with the parent or guardian.


The JCC is accessible to individuals with mobility impairments or other disabilities. Accessible features include designated parking spaces, wheelchair access to all facilities including pools, elevator, and accessible restrooms, locker rooms, telephones and drinking fountains. A pool access wheelchair is available.

JCC Reciprocity

If you travel outside of Durham-Chapel Hill, many of the JCCs across North America will honor your JCC membership for up to two weeks. Please contact the local JCC in advance of your visit to ensure reciprocity guidelines. We welcome members at other JCCs for a period of up to two weeks with confirmation of membership in good standing. If visiting the Levin JCC with JCC reciprocity, please contact the Membership office in advance at membership@levinjcc.org to confirm your visit.

Guest Policy

JCC Guest Philosophy: The JCC welcomes members’ guests to the facility. We recognize that sharing the JCC experience with occasional guests and friends is important to our membership. Our goal is to balance this need while encouraging repeat visitors to join.

Prospective Members: After taking a tour of the JCC, prospective members receive a one-time complimentary Day Pass to try out the facilities.

Guests of Members: Each year-round membership unit receives 5 free guest passes a year and each summer membership unit receives 1 free guest pass a year. Community members receive 3 guest passes a year. Guests need to be accompanied by the member when using the facility. If you have used all your guest passes additional passes can be purchased for $10/adult (16 years and older), $5/child age 3-15, and free for children 2 and under.

Out-of-town Guests of Members: There is no limit to the number of visits/year, but we ask the members limit the number of guests per visit to 6. Out-of-town is defined as outside of Durham or Orange counties.

Companions: For members with a Family, Parent +1 Dependent, Parent +2 Dependent membership: we allow a companion to be added to your family’s membership at no additional cost. This will allow the companion to bring the children to the facility, while not granting the companion access of their own.

Non-Member Day Passes: Non-members are allowed to come and use the facilities without accompanying a member. The Levin JCC may limit or stop the sale of non-member day passes at any time based on membership capacity. There are no limits to the number of visits. When the pool is open, these passes may be purchased for $15/adult (16 years and older), $5/child age 3-15 (free for children 2 and under). Outside of pool season, these passes may be purchased for $10/adult (16 years and older) and $5/child age 3-15 (free for children 2 and under).

Drop in Classes: Non-members may participate in any group exercise class. Drop in rates and punch cards are available at the Welcome Desk.

Returned Checks/Credit Card Denials

A $25 fee will be charged on returned checks, insufficient funds and credit card denials. Continued unsuccessful debits will result in cancellation of JCC membership.


  • Please park in designated areas only. Do not park along the entry drive or any other driveways.
  • Accessible spaces are available. Cars without authorized identification may be ticketed. Please respect our members and guests who must use these reserved spaces.


  • The JCC employs security personnel on occasion for your safety.
  • Report any suspicious behavior to JCC Staff.
  • Please obey all parking and speed limit policies.
  • Weapons are prohibited.

Kashrut Policy

An individual bringing in food to the Jewish Community Center for his/her own consumption is encouraged to abide by these Kosher Guidelines: please do not bring onto the JCC grounds food containing pork, shellfish, or foods that contain both dairy and meat products together.

Appropriate Attire

When entering the JCC building from the pool deck or other areas, please be sure to wear clothes and shoes. Also, please do not enter the building while wet, as water tracks on the floors may be hazardous.

Appropriate Behavior

Levin JCC reserves the right to revoke any membership in event of inappropriate behavior, failure to follow safety rules, and/or disruptive behavior to members or staff. Membership is a privilege, which may be revoked with or without cause at any time by the Levin Jewish Community Center’s Membership Sales Manager or the CEO.

Program Refund Policy

Full payment must be received in order to reserve a space in any program. Requests for full refund must be received via email at least two business days prior to the individual class or the first class of the session. Written requests received via email at least one business day prior to the second class of the session will be eligible for a 75% refund. Refund requests made after this point will not be accepted, and no refund will be granted. There will be a 10% processing fee for all refunds issued. Refunds may take 5 –14 business days to be processed.

The Levin JCC is not responsible for providing makeup classes or issuing refunds for programs missed as a result of illness, travel, emergencies or other events beyond the control of the Levin JCC. All classes are subject to minimum enrollment. The Levin JCC reserves the right to cancel classes by refunding all fees where the minimum enrollment is not met. The Levin JCC reserves the right to close facilities for maintenance, change rooms for best utilization or substitute teachers when necessary. Programs such as Aquatics, Camp, events, trips and tours may be subject to their own cancellation and refund policies, which supersede those policies stated above.

Personal Services (Personal Training, Massage, and Pilates) packages are valid for 6 months from date of purchase.


I/we also understand that photos and videos may be taken of me or my family members that may be used in promotional materials, on the Levin JCC website, or on Levin JCC’s social networking pages.

These Policies & Procedures were updated in August 2018.