Menu & Hours

Currently closed.  We look forward to seeing you soon!

The coffee curious and latte lovers alike are welcome to enjoy fresh brewed and hand crafted drinks made from Durham fave Counter Culture beans, backed by J Café’s famed challah and babka, now available every day (until they sell out!) in sandwich and slice form! Tasty drinks and good eats are coupled with the gorgeous, open, natural light-filled Singer Family Atrium that spills out onto an outdoor courtyard and, just a few feet away, is next to the Marcus Art Gallery, featuring art from local and international Jewish and Israeli artists, in the Levin JCC. The J Café is the perfect setting for chilling out, working hard, or catching up with friends.

Free Wifi? Check.

A family-friendly space where kids can be kids? Yup.

Disabled accessible and gender neutral restrooms? Double Yup.

A welcoming community center where you belong? So much yes.

Check out the ingredients in our baked goods here.

J Café Hours


Note: Food items will still be available for purchase outside of J Café hours when the JCC’s Welcome Desk is open. To see building hours and special holiday hours, click here.


Shabbat at the J Café

Thursdays and Fridays are everybody’s favorite days at the J, when dozens of challah loaves, rolls, cinnamon babka, and chocolate babka are made in-house, from scratch. The nostalgic aroma of baking cinnamon and sugar can be smelled from the parking lot, drawing people in from all over the Triangle! Whether you’re Jewish or not, adding a loaf of challah to your Shabbat dinner is a perfect way to reconnect with the most important things in life while literally breaking bread with your loved ones at the end of a week’s work. Plus, any leftovers make for the best Sunday morning Havdalah French toast!

All our baked goods sell out fast! Place a pre-order or schedule weekly recurring orders to guarantee your items are ready and waiting for you Friday afternoon. Did we sell out before you could stock up? The Durham Co-op Market stocks the J Café challah and babka, too, and will typically have a loaf or two until the following Tuesday.

Holidays and Festivals

At the J, we understand fully the Jewish notion that food makes everything better. With Purim comes scratch-made, buttery, fruit- and chocolate-filled hamentashen. We honor Israel, the land of milk and honey with Shavuot, also known as the cheesecake holiday! During Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, the J is filled with hundreds of festive honey cakes and round challot-don’t forget the raisins!– and locally grown apples and honey harvested from local bees.  Accepting orders now!  

In the winter we celebrate the Festival of Lights at the Hanukkah Festival with favorite fried treats like latkes and sufganiyot (jelly donuts). We love food so much, we’ve dedicated an entire festival to it with brisket and blintzes and pastrami and chopped liver, oy vey! Learn more about North Carolina’s most beloved Jewish Food Festival here.