Michael Joseph Savino

Michael Joseph Savino, LMBT (NC Lic. #1186)

Michael enjoys helping people to feel deeply connected to themselves, to others, and to nature – to be fully present and engaged with this beautiful web of life, and to rediscover the joy of free, easy movement. His training includes:

  • Shiatsu (International School of Shiatsu)
  • Movement Awareness (Maryska Bigos)
  • Sports Massage (Benny Vaughan)
  • Medical Massage (Ben Benjamin)
  • Thai Massage (Jill Burynski and Bob Haddad)

Michael has taught massage at the Durham Arts Council and Kneaded Energy School of Massage.

Through his extensive training, 33 years of experience and his welcoming, professional and playful presence, he creates an atmosphere of trust, where you can let go of your tension, heal from injuries, and regain your flexibility and vitality.

He has worked very effectively to eliminate headaches, joint stiffness and chronic pain of the neck, shoulder and low back. Clients leave the session feeling energized, and free from stress. Michael is honored to serve you here at the JCC.