Nutrition Counseling

Virtual consultation is available, including on quarantine-specific issues like meal planning and stress-related changes in eating and digestion.  Contact Pam Taylor at

Jamie is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who owns and runs Fork Nutrition Counseling LLC. She is also a research dietitian clinician at Duke.

In her practice, Jamie works with families and individuals using evidence-based, personalized nutrition therapy with one-on-one nutrition counseling to fit your lifestyle. She specializes in weight management, senior health, gastro-intestinal disease management, sports, and family nutrition. Jamie’s work is grounded in the concept of developing confident eaters.

Jamie received her undergraduate degree from the University of Montana and earned her Master of Science in Human Nutrition from Drexel University 2014. Her internship pursuits took her to Israel to work with professional and recreational athletes to reach their health and fitness goals in an interdisciplinary setting.

Jamie was inspired to become a dietitian by her grandfather’s work as a physician and her previous career in environmental and human rights politics. Jamie aims to empower people to navigate their health through the modern world.

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