Samuel Semerzier

Samuel Semerzier, Personal Trainer

Passionate of physical activities from a very young age, Sam is a martial artist, soccer player and coach. He embarked on his personal trainer journey about 10 years ago and has made drastic differences in many lives. A variety of folks in the prosthetic, figure competitors, geriatric, orthopedic patients, athletes and people with autism can boldly attest of his humble yet effective work. In his former area, he was well known for the boot camps and challenges he has instituted (such as “core madness”, “legs and glutes challenges”). Sam was also a physical education instructor for nearly 5 years while concentrating in his education in the Health Science realm. His knowledge stretched in the spectrum of biomechanics, nutrition, strength and conditioning, fitness assessment, wellness that makes him, as some would say a “resourceful servant”. His philosophy toward fitness isn’t to make one better than others, but to build a better you!

  • S. Health Science
  • K-8 Physical Education Teacher
  • Soccer Coach
  • I.T.S. Certified Fitness Trainer
  • First Aid Certified
  • CPR/AED Certified

Before his relocation from Connecticut, Sam provided a series of in-home physical training where he implemented endurance, intervals, and high intensity circuits. When training on his own, he dedicates his time in doing calisthenics. His love for soccer continues as he seeks to offer his trainings to the community and of course promoting healthy living to all!